Woman Who Forgot to Shave for Two Weeks Unintentionally Becomes Feminist Icon

Jillian Smith, a true LGBTQ+ ally!

WESTWOOD — Area woman Christine Bigley, who forgot to shave for the past two weeks, unintentionally became a feminist icon and body hair pioneer amongst her peers last Monday. A sudden heat wave resulted in Bigley donning a tank top and shorts with unshaven legs and underarms, which garnered admiration from the feminist community for “defying social norms imposed upon women by the patriarchy.” Standing in line at Kerckhoff Coffee House, Bigley was seemingly unaware that she was, according to local feminist Tatiana Prit, “making a groundbreaking social statement,” and “partaking in a fourth-wave feminist revolution.” The next day, Bigley arrived freshly shaven and moisturized, which was devastating to the feminist community as Bigley had clearly reverted back to conforming to patriarchal norms.