Woman Unsure If Working Out An Act of Self-Love or Self-Hate

DENVER — Considering her many different emotions regarding working out, area woman Colleen Simpson stated that she was unsure whether she thinks of exercising as an act of self-love or self-hate. “All I really know at this point is that I definitely do it for me. It’s valuable time with just me and my body. But I don’t know if I do it because I love myself and deserve to treat my body well or because I hate myself and need to make my body better,” said Simpson as she waited to enter her weekly Booty Bounce Barre™ class. “On one hand, my body is my temple and exercising is how I worship it, but on the other hand, my body is very soft and lumpy, and if I need to push myself through countless squats and crunches to make it semi-lovable again, then so be it.” Later that evening, Simpson was seen turning down dessert because she “wanted something more nutritious to fuel her body,” or because she didn’t think she deserved a bowl of ice cream until she fit into her high school jeans again.