Who? What? Where? And 4 Other Questions To Ask

We get it. You’re a curious little fella. There’s a lot of stuff you want to know, but you just don’t know what to ask yet! Well, fret not, dear reader. Here are seven questions you can ask when you just need answers.

1. Who?

This question is great for basics. Also great if you’re an owl!

2. What?

“Huh? What was that?” That’s what you’ll sound like when you ask this little question. Good for expressing surprise or confusion.

3. Where?

This question has to do with physical location, like that of a stapler, or the Lindbergh baby, or even Cotton-Eyed Joe. Where did they come from? Where did they go?

4. When?

This is especially useful when you’re just dying to know the temporal location of a certain event.

5. Idk, man, YOU figure it out.

I know this one isn’t technically a question, but hey— it’s hard coming up with what to ask!

6. Why?

Despite it sounding like that “sometimes-a-vowel” letter Y, it’s actually a different word altogether. You can try asking questions like “why is the Statue of Liberty green?” or “why are we asking all these questions?” or even just dropping to your knees and dramatically yelling “WHHHYYY?!?!?!”

7. ¿Por qué?

For those who don’t speak Spanish, this means “why?”

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