White Celebrity In $100,000 Dress Wins Gold Statue For Being The Best, Denounces Trump

The white celebrity looked stunning in her expensive gown.

LOS ANGELES—A white celebrity wearing a $100,000 dress got onstage at The Academy Awards where she accepted a golden statue for being the best and then denounced Donald Trump’s politics. “First and foremost, I want to thank the Academy for believing in people’s art and the powerful statements it can make,” she said while smiling at all of the familiar nominees who have gathered in this room for years. “I’m honored to have won, but all of the nominees deserve this award just as much as I do. Over the next four years, let’s continue to fight for the kind of equality that recognizes we should all be treated in the same way, because one entitled, narcissistic millionaire does not speak for the rest of us.” At press time, audience members were defiantly tweeting pictures of this celebrity wielding her golden statue to Donald Trump.

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