Westwood Gets Another Pizza Place, For Some Reason

WESTWOOD — Westwood residents were not that excited last week when a new pizza place, KONY Pizzeria, opened up around the corner from the FOX Theater for some reason.

The new pizza place will add to Westwood’s impressive collection of pizza places, making Westwood an enticing travel destination for anyone who wants to eat pizza and not do much else at all.

“We recognized that pizza is a booming industry in this region, and we wanted to capitalize on it while the real estate was available,” said Marco DeMuri, owner of KONY Pizzeria. “I mean, clearly Westwood folks love their pizza. I think we’ll be turning a profit in no time.”

Westwood’s residents, however, seem to have a different take on the business. “I just don’t understand why it’s here. I’m not gonna say their business isn’t welcome here, but I will say that I’m boycotting,” said James McDinnen, Westwood resident and UCLA alumni. “I just find it frustrating that this town is full of students and young people and there’s almost nothing to do here other than go eat pizza or sit in your apartment.”

Students seem to be divided on the issue. While some students think that the town could have benefited from the opening of a more unique business, others think that the new pizza place will be a welcome addition to the Westwood Village.

Second-year business and economics major Samantha Napur expressed her excitement for the new pizza place. “Sometimes I want pizza, and California Pizza Kitchen, Pieology, Enzo’s, Lamonica’s, 800 Degrees, D’Amore’s, Domino’s, Westwood Pizzeria, Extreme Pizza, BJ’s, Pizza Hut, and Blaze Pizza just aren’t what I want. I think KONY will be super helpful for that!” said Napur, while sitting in her apartment doing nothing interesting. “Plus, Westwood already has three whole bars and one Chinese restaurant, so it’s high time we expand our New York style pizza options.”

KONY Pizzeria’s Westwood location is now officially operating and offers free delivery with most purchases.