Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Uh oh! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you haven’t gotten a gift for that special guy in your life! Are you sick of just getting your boyfriend a Salty Crew T-Shirt? We’ve got 5 great ideas to make sure your boyfriend can still feel like a Top G on such a lovey dovey day.

1. Roses (with the thorns)

Who wouldn’t love to receive a bouquet of beautiful flowers? But you wouldn’t want to insult your boyfriend’s masculinity with something so delicate and sweet-smelling. Instead, we suggest a bouquet with the thorns still on the stems! Don’t worry, his rugged, worn hands should be perfectly capable of withstanding those barbed blossoms!

2. Liquor-filled chocolates

There’s nothing like alcohol to spark pleasant memories of the friendship and fun of fraternity hazing. Try a box of liquor-filled chocolates to appeal to your man’s genetic predisposition to alcoholism!

3. Mason jar of nails

We here at the Enabler know how much men love handiwork. They don’t call it MANual labor for nothing! What man wouldn’t love a dirty ol’ mason jar filled with nails for all of his special little projects? Just make sure he’s all caught up on his tetanus shots!

4. Gasoline-scented candle

As much as you may love a masculine musk, the idea is always nicer than the reality. Try a scented candle to lighten up that classic triple stench. And what better way to make your man’s cave smell less like an actual cave than the calming aroma of unleaded petroleum? t

5. Apple Airtag

Men are especially great at misplacing things and missing signals. Take this opportunity to give your beloved the most valuable gift of all: an Apple Airtag. Set the tracker to your phone so you always know where he is. The best part? He has no idea!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Enablers!