UCLA Student Named To Forbes 30 Under 30 For Graduating 2 Quarters Early

WESTWOOD — Forbes Magazine selected recent UCLA grad Stephanie Nguyen for their “30 Under 30” list last week, citing her latest accomplishment of graduating two whole quarters early. “Let me be clear: this award doesn’t mean I’m better than anyone, it just means I’m harder working, more disciplined, and smarter than everyone else,” said the self-proclaimed genius and political science major, before explaining her post-grad plans as a Bumble ambassador and stay-at-home person. “What really caught Forbes’ attention and gave me an edge over the rest of the competition was posting a picture on Instagram with the caption, ‘Thank you UCLA for the best 3.5 years of my life! Once a bruin, always a bruin <3’” Nguyen also wanted the Enabler to tell its readers to make the most of their time at UCLA, because it really does go by so much faster than you think- especially for her, because she graduated two quarters early.

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