UCLA Fraternities Apologize For Getting Caught

WESTWOOD–In light of the recent lawsuit filed against UCLA fraternities Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) and Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) for their mishandling of sexual assault, the fraternities issued an apology expressing their outrage and remorse over being caught. “As proud members of these fraternities, we take sexual assault very seriously, and take every step and precaution necessary to ensure that predators are protected from their vengeful victims,” said Irving Chase, a ZBT board member implicated in the lawsuit, adding that fraternity members wishing to avoid unwanted legal repercussions are often advised to attend parties in groups of trusted friends in order to stay safe. “We are ashamed that a few bad apples behaved in such a way that their actions were noticed by others. One report of sexual misconduct is too many, and we are committed to ensuring that this will be the last one.” Chase requested that people refrain from contacting the fraternity members so as not to make them relive the trauma of their consequences.

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