UCLA Depression Grand Challenge Getting A Little Competitive

WESTWOOD — After seeing a banner for UCLA’s Depression Grand Challenge, third year computer science major Michael Hodgekiss has made it his goal to win the challenge. “I did some research and after having my world rocked with facts such as ‘depression is the #1 cause of misery in the world,’ ‘50% of people in therapy are depressed,’ and ‘being sad is bad,’ I have set out to be the most depressed person at the university.” This past month, Hodgekiss experimented with some of UCLA’s pillars of depression: he started working at Access Control, joined Triangle, and applied to live on campus for a fourth year. “I tried to go to CAPS but they told me that even the most depressed person at UCLA wasn’t their main priority.” At press time, Hodgekiss informed the staff that after another successful month of consistently being promised then subsequently denied therapy, it will be impossible for him not to win.