UCLA Celebrates Yom Kippur With Traditional Bacon Buffet

WESTWOOD — The most solemn holiday of the Jewish year began at sundown on Tuesday, and UCLA knows just how to celebrate! “A lot of coastal elite types were asking us for the day off of school and work, but we knew we could think of something better,” said DEI Assistant Vice Provost Christian O’Toole, who wanted our reporter to note that he really enjoys the comedic sensibility of Seinfeld. “Ralph’s put out some really delicious looking matzo, so our initial impulse was to break off a piece of the low fat snack for every member of the UCLA Jewish community! But then my assistant reminded me that we had some bacon left over from our sparsely attended Ramadan lunch, and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity for cross-cultural exchange.” At press time, O’Toole was dispatching his assistant to hand out fliers for the Yom Kippur Buffet to anyone on Bruinwalk with a “New York vibe.”

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After watching Rachel Brosnahan pretending to be a Jewish comedian in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Gabby thought someone should do that for real.