Trend Watch: Cooking With Buccal Fat

So, you’ve decided to remove your buccal fat because someone on TikTok told you to. Way to go! You’ve joined the ranks of admirable, hardworking figures like Lea Michele and Khloe Kardashian who’ve allegedly gone under the knife. It’s all the rage, and you didn’t want to miss out.

But wait! Sustainability is hot too! You don’t want to waste that buccal fat and throw it out—it might kill a cute little animal, and that’s not aesthetic. No need to worry. We at the Westwood Enabler know just how you can conserve that fat. Cook it up! Here are some popular methods:

Grease up a pan for grilled cheese! Smother some of that cheek residue around and look at the bread and cheese sizzle away just like your savings did, but it’s cool because your face is all chiseled now, right?

Fry some chicken! Watch those little birdies bob up and down, and see your skull-like reflection in the liquid. This was the right decision, huh? Looking angular is cute! Ignore the fact that earlier, some kid on the street asked you why you look like a pentagon. He was just practicing his geometry skills!

Give some texture to your pie crust! Ah, the classic goodness of pie distracts you from all your problems. Perfectly flaky… just like you, my dear. Throw your anxieties aside while you mold the crust around your new jawline. So yummy.

There are countless ways to recycle your buccal fat—let’s hope the next trend isn’t “cherub cheeks” or anything else inconvenient for you.