Top 8 UCLA Date Ideas

Wow! Love!
Wow! Love!

Still not sure how to impress your date on Valentine’s Day? Here are some ideas guaranteed to get you a “that was nice!” text afterwards.

  1. Leave your favorite professor a romantic review on

  2. Get into some CSO/naughty-student-caught-smoking-weed role-play.

  3. Submit your name for Gene Block’s office hour. 10 minutes in heaven, baby!

  4. I heard Bruin Republicans’ meeting room is usually pretty empty.

  5. Snuggle up on Bruin Walk and listen to the preacher call you whores and blasphemers.

  6. Legend has it if you have sex in front of the John Wooden statue it will come to life and critique your love-making fundamentals.

  7. There’s this really cool, little-known place called Diddy Riese. Check it out for some above-average ice cream sandwiches!

  8. Kiss your bottle of Johnny Walker good night before falling asleep.