Throwing Up In Class And Four Other Trends That Have Majorly Fallen Off

Reminiscing on trends that used to be all the rage but haven’t gotten a lot of attention lately? The Westwood Enabler has you covered. These are the top five trends that had people going bananas in the recent past.

1. Lice

Back in the day, everyone had lice! You, your crush from the monkey bars, your first-grade teacher after your mom made you go to school anyway — everyone! These itchy little buddies crawling around your dome are sorely missed nowadays.

2. Losing teeth

Whether you were a shocked-after-biting-into-the-hardest-food-imaginable person, or a mess-with-it-till-it-did-a-triple-axel-out-of-your-mouth person, losing teeth was an extreme sport everyone enjoyed. The only people losing teeth anymore are hockey players and habitual vapers in 5–10 years.

3. Breast milk

This fad used to be the biggest thing in health dieting. If you don’t remember breast milk, think oat milk but from a human. Next time you’re grabbing a quick drink from Anderson Cafe, indulge in a blast from the past and ask for a breast milk latte.

4. Putting objects into your mouth

This used to be insanely popular. There was a time when everyone was trying to fit anything they could get their hands on into their mouths. Nickels, keys, Legos. Bring back turning blue after getting overzealous with some marbles.

5. Throwing up in class

Someone projectile vomiting during class used to be the most interesting part of the day! Story time? Vomit. Learning about shapes? Blow chunks. The chaos of random puking is something that’s definitely missing from UCLA classrooms. Claim this affirmation by repeating into your phone, “I will throw up in my statistics lecture.”