The Enabler Reviews: The Laptop Screen Of The Person Sitting In Front Of You In Lecture

SPOILERS AHEAD. Skip Netflix — the hottest new entertainment is the laptop screen of the person sitting in front of you in lecture. The story begins with the immediate immersion of the protagonist in a USA TODAY Daily Crossword Puzzle. After this high-stakes battle, the main character simultaneously sends emails to their research lab, summer internship, and TA. In a gratifying conclusion, our hero will respond with “LMAOO” in two group chats and ask another where they should all get dinner.

While this program was riveting, there were a few weak points. For one, the entire show was overlaid with muffled, amplified droning. This audio was distracting and did not influence the hero in any way. Additionally, the cinematography could have been clearer at times. Viewers may find themselves craning their necks and straining their eyes to understand the plot.

That being said, there were some definite strong points. Highlights include:
– The performance of the snake in the Google Snake Game.
– The suspenseful opening of the results of a blood test.
– The 2048 interlude.

With a running time of only 75 minutes, it was short and sweet and great for casual viewing. Overall, the laptop screen of the person sitting in front of you in lecture is full of clever references, naturalistic settings, and a captivating plot — we know you won’t look away.

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