Teen Spends Hours Trying On Different Personalities

(Credit: Mike Melrose)
(Credit: Mike Melrose)

PORTLAND, OR—Posing in front of her bedroom mirror, 15-year-old Kaitlyn Howard tried on 72 different personalities in the span of five hours. “I like to try to expand my horizons, you know? At this age, everyone is trying to figure out which personality fits them best, and I think it’s important I do the same,” said Howard, as she looked over her colorful collection of attitudes, her eyes lingering on the Haughty and Cold one. “I’m already 15. That means I only have three more years before I head out into the real world. The real world that requires me to know exactly who I am, what I like, and what my career goals are. How can I pass my job interviews without being comfortable with who I am?” At press time, Howard went downstairs and asked her sister Karilyn, “Does this one make me look fat?”

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