Ted Lieu Voted Sexiest Man Alive By Bruin Democrats

Graphic by Isabelle Roy

WESTWOOD At the club’s most recent policy meeting, members of Bruin Democrats unanimously voted California Representative Ted Lieu the “sexiest man alive,” the group’s highest honor.

“Every week, our diverse group of leaders and changemakers gather together to debate tough policy issues, figure out how to engage students in the political process, and, most importantly, to provide commentary on the physical appearances of federal lawmakers,” said Bruin Democrats board member Eileen Masterson, her eyes welling with tears moments after casting what she called the single most important vote of her life. “We may just be college students, but when we come together, our messages can reach those in power.”

Rep. Lieu was thrilled by the club’s award, and shared his gratitude on Twitter.

“It’s not easy being a Congressman, and it’s even harder being the sexiest Congressman in the House. I wonder if President Trump will try to grab me by the pussy now. LOL,” tweeted Rep. Lieu in what appeared to be an attempt at a humorous tweet. “When people think Democrats are sexy, America is stronger.”

When asked by critics why the club dedicates substantial time to such matters rather than doing more to help bolster the campaigns of female presidential candidates, the Bruin Democrats board quickly issued a statement saying, “Kamala Harris is pretty hot too.”

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