Taylor Swift to Start New, Flirtier Political Party

NASHVILLE, TN — In response to backlash regarding her recent endorsement for the Democratic party, Taylor Swift has released a statement regarding her plans to start a new political party for liberals, who are described by Swift as more fun and flirty. “Look what you made me do?” Swift wrote in her statement regarding the start of the party, which, since its inception, has gained nearly 300,000 new members- though there is speculation that at least 100,000 of these voters believed that they were actually RSVPing to a party at Swift’s Nashville home. “Even if you go as far back as back to December, I had been having problems with the Dems. And at this point, we are never ever getting back together.” When asked for a response to the influx of new voters pledging allegiance to the Taylor Party, Swift released only one statement. “I have a blank space on my voter registration form, and I’ll write your name.”