TA Can’t Wait To Mansplain Chemistry To Female Students

WESTWOOD—New Chemistry 144 teaching assistant Christian Lopez reportedly cannot wait to mansplain chemistry to his female students.“It’s tough to be a woman in STEM these days. I doubt they understand the basics, and I believe in equality so I want to help out. I know the girls in my classes are all chemistry or biochemistry majors, so I’m really looking forward to helping them out by explaining the basic rules of multiplication and unit conversions,” said Lopez when asked about his strategy for teaching effectively. “If the guys have more complicated questions, they can come to my designated ‘dudes only’ office hour every week. I figure that’s when I’ll really delve into the class’s material. When the girls are there, though, I want to make sure everyone feels included and I don’t overwhelm anyone by getting too complicated.” Lopez later added that he has always prioritized gender equality because his own mother happens to be a woman.