Submission: Gelato Way Better Over There

Hi there! It’s me, your friend who studied abroad in Rome over Winter Quarter. Listen, I don’t want to sound like a cliché, but Study Abroad was literally the greatest thing that ever happened to me. After four months of studying, traveling, and EATING my way across Europe, I’m back in America as a changed woman. With my newfound cosmopolitan worldview, I want to first and foremost remind everyone that the gelato is way better over there.

I can’t even describe it, so you’re just going to have to go to Rome yourself! There’s this adorable little gelateria (that’s Italian for “Baskin-Robbins”) across from the Trevi Fountain (it’s this huge fountain thing) that serves THE BEST stracciatella (that’s Italian for “Oreo”); it’s probably better than any you’ve ever had in your whole life.

Sure, my time abroad was filled with studying, but I feel like I learned the most while walking the cobblestone streets of the “Eternal City” (that’s what they call Rome) with a waffle cone in hand, seeing the sights outside of the classroom.

Perhaps that’s what study abroad is all about anyways: exploring the ancient wonders of the world with gelato so good it makes you embarrassed for all your friends back home who are basically eating disgusting garbage in a cardboard cone – seriously, the gelato over there is THAT GOOD!

Wow, what I would give to have just one scoop of that sweet tiramisu (that’s Italian for “I’m drunk but I’ve always wondered what this tastes like”) back here in the States! It’s just not the same. You wouldn’t know unless you’ve studied abroad, but trust me on this one; I am so cultured now!