Study: Productivity Increases 360% When Chairs Can Swivel All The Way Around

WESTWOOD Confidently swiveling in all directions to address her audience, project lead Angela Moriarty announced her team’s findings, which conclude that productivity increases 360% when students have access to chairs that swivel all the way around.

“Just watch this,” said Moriarty while spinning herself rapidly, giving the impression of a pinwheel in a windstorm.

“The best numbers we have suggest that maximum classroom productivity occurs when somewhere between four and six students are spinning like that at any given time,” she reported, leaning hard on a colleague to help herself get up out of the chair.

“UCLA strives to expose their students to as many perspectives as possible — and if our numbers are correct — those should include all 360 degrees possible while sitting.”

At press time, Moriarty was spotted performing some follow-up experiments as she and a colleague took turns seeing who could spin the fastest on a leather office chair in the parking lot.

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