Study: Nothing Better Than Just Kickin’ It With The Boys

The study noted that chilling with the guys can be enhanced by throwing a couple of nice, thick steaks on the grill and hearing those bad boys sizzle.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA—A study conducted by researchers at the University of Virginia concluded that nothing beats just hanging out and having a good time with the boys. “After a long and arduous research process, our team has confirmed that there is nothing better than kicking it back and chilling with your homies,” said Dr. Andrew Harkin, the team’s lead researcher. “We gathered a large population of cool dudes and sick bros and observed them in a number of different situations to ascertain when they have the best time,” Harkin explained, “and the data we collected overwhelmingly supports that there is no better time than just palling around with the guys.” The researchers observed the subjects in other situations like parties, concerts, and sporting events, but none of these scenes produced the sick times or wild shenanigans that come from messing around with the fellas. While the study noted that activities like drinking some cold ones or throwing the ol’ pigskin around can help improve a shindig, all a guy really needs to have a good time is a crew of laid back dudes who are down for anything.