Study: Lululemon Attire Also Good For Doing Yoga

The study estimates that only 8% of Lululemon apparel is purchased for this purpose.

WESTWOOD—A new study performed by the UCLA Sports Medicine Center recently confirmed that the popular “athleisure” clothing produced by Lululemon Athletica is also good for doing yoga. “Participants in the study wore a typical Lululemon outfit to yoga classes we hosted for ten days in a row. We were shocked to discover that the clothing is not only cute and functional in an everyday setting, but also provides the comfort and excellent range of motion required in a yoga setting,” said Katya Voeller, the lead investigator in the study. “The leggings can easily double as yoga pants and the bralettes make superb sports bras for low-impact activities. Our data on their men’s clothing is limited, but the information we have suggests that Lululemon may also work for whatever workouts men do.” At press time, Voeller was discussing the many possible benefits of being able to wear her new pair of maroon Lulus to her daily afternoon Bikram yoga session.