Student Who Never Went To Class Takes Grad Pics On Campus

Graphic contributed by Anya Bayerle

WESTWOOD  Amy Allens, fourth-year English student and soon-to-be UCLA alumna, took to Instagram to unveil her array of graduation pictures, poetically taken in front of iconic buildings such as Royce Hall and Powell Library – buildings that Allens has entered exactly five times in her college career. “I really wanted my grad pics to show how special this place is to me, because I only graduate once, you know?” Allens explained while swiping through her photos with glazed eyes. “I really like this one,” Allens remarked as she pointed to a picture of her blowing confetti into the camera lens, “You can tell how much I really love Pauley here….oh that’s not Pauley? Bunche? No? Oh Royce, yeah. Yeah, I really love Royce.” Allens hopes that her pictures serve as a source of inspiration for her fellow students to enjoy college as much as possible during their quarterly trips to campus.

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