Student Voices: Movie Critics Failed To Tell Me What To Think Of Interstellar

I have a bone to pick with the almighty movie critics of this world: why the hell haven’t they told me what to think of Christopher Nolan’s newest film, Interstellar? Sure: it has a seventy-two percent on Rotten Tomatoes, which makes me think that it’s probably a good movie, but how is a man supposed to come up with an opinion on a movie all by himself? That’s what movie critics are for: to tell us what to think about movies that we’re obviously too stupid to understand.

I don’t get why critics are so polarized by the damn thing. Some guys go to space and find some time portal thing. That sounds like an easy movie to review. Nothing too crazy, other than the fact they reconciled quantum mechanics and special relativity with a magical bookcase. But come on movie critics, what am I supposed to think about that? It’s not like Nolan’s other masterpiece, Inception, which has a clear and unambiguous ending. I don’t know how I’m supposed to discuss this movie with friends without an opinion formed completely by strangers on the internet.

Usually, I watch a movie, decide if I like it or dislike it, read the reviews, and completely alter my viewpoint. In this case, I can’t really do that, since half the reviews change their minds halfway through. Seriously, this needs to end. We can’t go on in a world where we have to make opinions on our own. Imagine the chaos that would occur if we all just watched movies and decided independently what we thought about them. Or even worse, imagine if we all had different opinions about movies.

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