Student Swamped With Work Watches Three Episodes of “Friends”

WESTWOOD — Craig Hillsdale, a fourth-year political science student, is enrolled in four classes that are all holding final exams in the following three days. He has reportedly buckled down in Powell Library, taking out all of his notebooks and opening multiple tabs in Google Chrome in order to watch three episodes of his favorite sitcom, “Friends.” “Once my English Comp professor assigned this essay, I knew I was really in over my head,” said Hillsdale, preparing for the inevitably long night ahead of him. “I just had to get out of my room, since it’s so full of distractions. I like Powell more than YRL because it’s just so quiet here; it’s great for focusing. No more questions please, I have to get back to work.” After watching the episodes, Hillsdale decided it would be a convenient time to take a “Which ‘The Office’ Character Are You?” quiz.

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