Student Dresses Up As Ackerman Bathrooms For Halloween

Close up of a toilet

WESTWOOD — Reports confirm that second year Linguistics major Sarah Halladay plans to dress up as the Ackerman Student Union restrooms for this year’s Halloween festivities.

“This really seemed like the perfect Halloween costume,” Halladay said while gluing imitation mold to her costume. “It’s frightening, but familiar. It isn’t a restroom in anything but name—more like a portal to the netherworld, which coincidentally fits the holiday pretty well.”

Her costume is to include several iconic features of the restrooms, such as “engraved” seats, as well as a small speaker to play the sound of roaches scuttling across a tile floor.

“One time I went into the restroom and saw a very pale woman standing in the corner, saying nothing,” Halladay said with a slight tremor. “To this day, I’m unsure if she was a ghost. Pretty spooky.”

At press time, Halladay is unsure if she would be permitted to don the costume indoors, as her RA had claimed its accuracy was “horrifying” and “Lovecraftian.”

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