Staff Suggestions For Thanksgiving Quarantine Activities

This truly has been an unprecedented year! It is difficult to spend the holidays apart from family, and we at the Westwood Enabler know how it feels to be disappointed and sad. Here is our list of quarantine-safe Thanksgiving activities:

See what can fit on ritz crackers and eat that
Get an early start on gift distribution (if you’re Santa Claus)
Poke the scab on your knee
Invite a homeless man over and disappoint him with a Digiorno pizza
See what you can break using the ceiling fan
Recount Georgia votes
Hunt down your Thanksgiving dinner like a real man
Donate your body to science
Go to the DMV and reminisce
Words with friends with benefits
Have a colonoscopy
Ironing your clothes and making them wrinkly again on purpose
Have an extra long conversation with the cashier at Ralph’s