Special Snowflake Doesn’t Like Pizza

Robinson spurns a slice of Domino's pizza.
Robinson spurns a slice of Domino’s pizza.

WESTWOOD—Sources report that local special snowflake, Andrew Robinson, dislikes pizza. “Andrew is so unique,” Amir Ashraf, a friend of Robinson’s, said this morning. “He just has a really specific and elevated taste palette that most people don’t have. What can I say? He totally stands out compared to the rest of us who like pizza.” While Robinson doesn’t think that it’s a big deal that he dislikes pizza, he does admit that he is probably “in a small subgroup of humanity,” and that while “proud” isn’t the right word, “honored” probably comes pretty close to summing up his feelings. During press time, Robinson was seen turning down French fries, stating that he’s not really into that kind of food.

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