So Cute! When This High Schooler Didn’t Have A Date To Prom, Her Best Friend’s Dad Offered to Spend the Night with Her in His Basement Instead!

CLEVELAND, OH — Prom can be a super sad, stressful time for high-schoolers who don’t have dates. But when senior Becca Martin found herself without a beau before the big day, her best friend’s dad offered to spend prom night with her in his basement instead!

Isn’t that cute?

While Becca’s best friend, Amber, received a corsage from her boyfriend of three years, Amber’s dad repeatedly offered Becca a warm can of Bud Light and asked if she wanted to go down to his basement to ‘just chillax’ so she wouldn’t feel left out! And when Amber’s boyfriend surprised her with a ride in a luxurious white limo full of all their closest friends, Becca’s best friend’s dad offered her a ride back home in his beat-up Pontiac filled to the brim with unpaid IRS taxes!

So. Sweet.

Plus, Becca didn’t have anyone to dance with while waiting for her mom to pick her up, so to make her feel better, her best friend’s dad rubbed slow circles on her back while gently nudging her towards the basement stairs! And while her best friends took pictures for the yearbook, her best friend’s dad repeatedly asked her for nudes!

I’m literally crying, you guys.

So maybe Becca wasn’t Prom Queen, but we bet her best friend’s dad managed to turn that crown into a frown when he provided unsolicited information about his divorce and asked her how old she was when she got her first period. And even though she had to frantically check her bedroom for intruders while her friends snuck out of each other’s rooms, we bet she had the night of her best friend’s dad’s wet dreams.

Too. Perfect <3

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