Seven Cute Christmas Gift Ideas Inspired by Animal Crossing

1. Crocheted Bell Bag — This gift idea is perfect for anyone who is short on cash, but has plenty of time and crocheting experience! You can put anything in this conveniently-sized bag, not just bells!

2. Fruit Basket — Time to go outside and shake some trees! If you have any friends who enjoy eating several pounds of fruit every few days, this is the gift for them! To make this gift a reality, all you need is fruit and a basket.

3. Flying Present — Now, this may not be a gift, but it’s the perfect way to wrap any gift for the Animal Crossing fanatic in your life! To simulate the experience of shooting the gift out of the sky, I would recommend holding the gift above your head and letting your friend, family member, or special someone sling rocks at the balloon until it pops.

4. Gyroid Mug — This silly mug requires the ceramic experience of only a novice potter! The cap on its lid makes this mug even more versatile than other mugs, but the eye and mouth-holes slightly hinder its ability to contain liquids.

5. Shovel — This practical, yet quirky gift just screams “Animal Crossing!” Maybe you won’t be able to find gold by hitting rocks with it, but you very well may find some dinosaur bones! If you wanna “upgrade” your shovel, I would suggest spray-painting its blade gold!

6. Black Bass — Don’t you love it when you’re playing Animal Crossing and one of your neighbors unexpectedly gifts you with a newly caught bass? You could be that neighbor! This unique fish is delicious in a stew, but if you’re giving it to a vegan, do not fret! It also works as a wonderful pet, as it only needs a 4×5 foot tank to roam freely.

7. Tarantula — The last gift is for that one particular person who’s impossible to shop for. Save the needless searching and searching, because this gift is sure to please anyone! Want to look cool? Want to seem sexy? Do you love animals? Well, your average Goliath Birdeater satisfies all of those needs!

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