Senior Scholar Dies

Graphic by Isaiah Little

WESTWOOD — 84-year-old second-year political science major Ingrid Miller, known by her fellow political science students as a recurring “senior scholar,” died midway through an Introduction to World Politics lecture last Wednesday. “She was in the middle of asking a long-winded question about China and just croaked, man,” said first-year political science major Chad Morrison, adding that he and his classmates had assumed she was auditing the lecture until she came to the midterm with a blue book. “At first I thought she just fell asleep again, then I was like, oh man, she’s dead. Everyone just sort of sat there for a few minutes then I was like, should I call 911? It’s sad, but at least we don’t have to listen to all of her questions anymore.” When asked for comment, a representative from the UCLA College of Letters and Science said that Miller’s estate will be charged the full cost of tuition because she passed away after the deadline for withdrawing for spring quarter.

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