Feminist Hero Comments “OMG!!!” On Female Acquaintance’s Instagram Photo

LOS ANGELES — In the name of advancing women’s equality, feminist hero Serena Colli commented “OMG!!!” on a female acquaintance’s photo. “I don’t even know this girl that well, but I wanted to show my solidarity with her as a female. I really went out on a limb here and risked looking like a total weirdo. But that’s what you do when you’re an activist,” said the Hero. “It is my civic duty, as a woman and a feminist, to remind all women around the world that they are pretty. If not me, then who? After all, female empowerment is my middle name. Haha, jk, it’s Marie. But you know what I mean.” Colli proceeded to show reporters photos of herself demonstrating exemplary feminism with the “International Women’s Day” Snapchat filter, at the Women’s March with a sign that said ‘It’s time to Ovary-act’.”

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