Second-Year Still Recovering From Epic Hometown Spring Break

WESTWOOD — Second-year Creative Writing major Sue Perr-Wilde is still in recovery from her epic spring break adventure where she re-explored her hometown grocery stores, watched investigative documentaries, and made 25 beautiful collages. “So the week started off pretty great when my mom woke me up at 1 p.m. and asked if I wanted to go to Costco with her,” Perr-Wilde said as she showed our reporter the BeReal she took of her mom and her wearing pajamas in the cereal aisle (all her other BeReals for the week were posted from her bed). “Then, one day I was in bed watching a documentary about these horrible teen wilderness camps and while a former camper was explaining her story I just took a quick peek at the ‘Find My’ app. There were a bunch of people all clustered near this place called ‘Cabo’…lame.” At press time, Perr-Wilde was collecting magazines in preparation for a summer of extreme collaging, in anticipation of continued rejection from every internship she applied for.