Saturdays Are For The Boys, But Tuesdays Are For Making Tapestries

WESTWOOD — Loading two crates of art supplies into their van, a group of fraternity brothers belonging to Nu Phi Chi were seen huddled in a JOANNE Fabrics parking lot chanting the phrase “Saturdays are for the boys, Tuesdays are for making tapestries!” “We see this as an important bonding activity between the brothers,” said fourth-year Chad Kornstock, whose brothers are enthusiastically weaving a 40-foot tapestry for next Thursday that says “Rodeo Night: Come In And Ride Us.” “People only see the lavish parties we throw weekly, but never stop to think about the hardworking people behind all the glitz and glamor. You think those Natty-Light-scented candles in the bathroom are store bought? Hell nah! You can thank the talented Kyle and Brett who led our Wednesday night project for those.” At press time, the Boys™ were crocheting doggybags for partygoers to puke in.