Roy Moore to Write Explosive Tell-All Book on Election

MOBILE, AL — In the wake of Alabama’s special election, the unsuccessful Republican candidate Roy Moore announced he will be releasing an incendiary tell-all book on the election. “Previously, for reasons I explain, I felt I could not express my some of my more controversial opinions. Now I feel like I can finally speak my mind,” said Moore, who has previously expressed support for making homsexuality illegal. Called “Why God Made Me Lose”, the game-changing book blames his loss on factors like “liberal brainwashing” and “widespread conspiracy,” instead of Moore’s reputation for bigotry or allegations of pedophilia. “Hopefully the book helps people realize that I lost the election because of forces out of my control, and nothing else,” said Moore. In an effort to “increase youth participation in politics” Moore will be offering free books and autographs at high schools throughout the country.