Roommate Has Friend Over For Some Reason

Barnes in his dorm room with the unexplained intruder. (Credit: Erick Yeh)

WESTWOOD—Second-year physics student Trevor Barnes arrived at his dorm late Tuesday evening to discover that his roommate, Tom Bornstein, had a friend over for some unknown reason. “I had just gotten out of an insanely boring lecture when I thought, what the hell, I should get home, turn on some Netflix, and just call it a night. Imagine my shock when I enter the room and find my roommate, laughing and having a great time with this stranger, in the domain I have reigned over for months,” said Barnes, peering into the dorm for a moment to ascertain whether the person was still inside. “I don’t even know why he’s here. Was there a party? Is he seeking refuge from a disease? Did his castle burn down? I don’t even know his name. Why is he here? When does he leave?” At press time, Barnes described the event as “deeply unsettling” and something that “profoundly disturbed [his] sense of self.”

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