Rihanna Teases Lullaby Album She Will Release On Baby’s Sixth Birthday

NEW YORK — Rihanna announced her pregnancy with ASAP Rocky this week, as well as plans for a lullaby album, though the release date is still unknown. “We think there’s a chance she’ll release this album on or around the baby’s six birthday, or possibly even before the birth of her second child if we’re lucky,” said superfan Rhiannon Robbins, who listens to “Anti” so often she’s earned Rihanna over $20 in Spotify revenue in the seven years and four days since the album’s release. “Either way, knowing we’re getting new music from Rihanna, even if it’s not, like, a regular album, is LIFE CHANGING. I’ve already shifted from commenting ‘where’s the album’ on Riri’s Insta every day to DM-ing her daily that we ‘NEED’ a Rocky feature on ‘Rock-A-Bye Baby’!” Asked about the baby’s due date, Rihanna promised it was “soon” before announcing drop dates for her new infant skincare range — it will address everything from eczema to slippery baby syndrome — and size-inclusive diaper line.

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