Report: Professor Takes Plagiarism Very Seriously

WESTWOOD — Sources from within Dr. Peter Roebling’s course on political polarization report that the tenured professor took a bold stance on academic integrity in class Thursday, telling students that he in particular takes plagiarism very seriously. “Plagiarism is not something that I take lightly,” said Dr. Roebling, emphatically doubling down on the university’s long-established and strictly enforced academic integrity policy at the instruction of the UCLA Political Science department. “You may have had other professors who don’t take this issue seriously, but I can assure you that I do, and will report any student caught plagiarizing any part of their papers to the Dean of Students.” Following Dr. Roebling’s stern admonition, which left many students rattled, he proceeded to teach the class how to write a proper thesis statement, a skill which he was “not sure they have learned before.”

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