Report: Freshman Has Sophomore Standing

WESTWOOD — In an impressive display of power, first-year UCLA student Alana Kendrick announced last Tuesday that, despite the fact that it is her first year at UCLA, she does in fact have sophomore standing. “I really like pushing myself, and I wanted to be one step ahead of everyone by the time I got to the university, so I took as many AP classes as I could in high school and even took one class at our local community college,” said Kendrick after her Chemistry 14A lecture, which she claims is not as hard as her high school AP Chemistry class. “I mean, I am pursuing a medical degree, so I want to be a competitive student here. I really think that the next few years here will be a walk in the park compared to that year when I was in 5 AP classes at once. AP stands for Advanced Placement, and taking so many classes designed for advanced students was definitely a challenge. But my hard work paid off, and now I am technically a sophomore here.” Kendrick later added that she would be happy to tutor some of the freshmen on her floor at a competitive rate if they would like to be as successful as her one day.