Report: Area Man Finally Has Enough Stamps For Free 4-Inch Sub

Davis reaped the benefits of his loyalty.

FRESNO–In a feat of perseverance, local accountant Chad Davis has finally secured enough stamps on his rewards card to obtain a free 4-inch submarine sandwich from Sam’s Subs. “Every time I order a sub, they stamp my SubStub™ card, and once I get 20 stamps, I get a free 4-inch sub. I’m a huge fan of savings, so I definitely think it was worth spending some money in order to save some,” said Davis, who has spent approximately $220.00 over the past several weeks on his quest to earn the coveted free sub, which is valued at about $4.00. “Hard work and dedication really pay off. Man, to think a free meal takes this little!” At press time, Davis was ordering his usual footlong sub as the 4-inch sub was not enough to satiate his appetite.

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