Report: A Bean Is The Cutest Source Of Fiber

“Oh my god, look!” the report concluded.

WESTWOOD—Researchers at the Los Angeles Institute of Nutrition released a study last Wednesday confirming that a bean is the cutest source of fiber. “We studied many, many forms of fiber, like kale, grains, or even servings of multiple beans, but there’s just no way around it–a bean is the cutest one,” said Jamie Martinez, the principal investigator of the study. “We have yet to look into the effects of the shape, color, or size of the bean involved but that’s definitely the next step in our research. One can imagine that a small bean is probably cuter than its larger counterparts, and we are hoping to get the data to prove that is the case.” The findings of the study have the bean industry buzzing with questions about its effects on the previously lackluster sales of individually packaged beans.