Quirky, Enigmatic, Brilliant, And Other Adjectives To Describe Daniel Radcliffe

TORONTO — On the red carpet of his recent biopic premiere, Weird Al Yankovic offered our reporter some words that can be used to describe the movie’s star, Daniel Radcliffe. “Well, off the top of my head, you could say he’s quirky, enigmatic, even brilliant,” said Weird Al Yankovic, who was so enamored by Radcliffe’s performance as himself that he offered Daniel the starring role in the upcoming parody of the biopic, which is itself a parody of biopics. “Of course you could also use charming, witty, idiosyncratic, small-statured, brave, ebullient, dynamic, daring, insightful, philanthropic, peculiar, virile, indelible, strong-of-spirit, or good-natured.” At press time, Daniel Radcliffe was voting, walking your grandma across a busy intersection, walking JK Rowling into a busy intersection, and letting us stare deeply into his sweet, sweet baby blues.

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