Question Ignored By Entire UCLA Class Of 2019 Facebook Group

(Credit: Devin Ye)

WESTWOOD–A question posed by freshman Cody Chastain has yet to receive a single like, comment or share in the four hours since it has been posted in the unofficial Official UCLA Class of 2019 Facebook group. “I got a notification that he posted in the group since I’m friends with him on Facebook, but I figured someone else would answer it. At least it reminded me to turn off my notifications,” said Nicole Miles, a student who doesn’t attend UCLA but, for some reason, has not left the group yet. “People even took the time to comment on a University Primetime ‘Top 10 Party Colleges’ list, and eight people liked an Odyssey Online article, but not a single person could answer Cody’s question of what professor was good for ENGCOMP 3.” Chastain was last seen anxiously knocking on his RA’s door, hoping to seek the advice of the omniscient second year.