Punk Band Totally Fine With No One Showing Up to Their Show. No Really, They Are.

Graphic by Sara Pearson

WESTWOOD – Following a local house show this weekend, punk rock band Anarchist Tendencies denied feeling heartbroken despite the fact that no one showed up to see them play. “It isn’t a big deal, but it really sucks for all the people we invited who missed out. We’re gonna be pretty big around L.A. in a couple of years, so seeing us now would have been pretty legendary,” said Dylan Harty, lead guitarist and singer who’s been playing his instrument for over six months now. “We really killed it too. We played like four blink-182 covers and a few Green Day ones. We’re still working on writing our own music, but Charlie keeps going to class instead of coming to practice. I’m thinking about kicking him out, but it’d be way too hard to find a bassist that matches the look we’re all going for.” Harty added that he purchased a new black t-shirt just for the event, and stated again that it’s seriously not a big deal at all that no one came.

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