Powell Cat’s Nudes Leaked

WESTWOOD — Shockwaves were felt across the UCLA campus yesterday after Powell Cat’s publicist, Meea Yao, released a statement claiming that multiple students’ Instagram stories had been flagged for inappropriate sexual images of the beloved mas-cat. “After speaking with the cat, it is clear that they did not consent to photos of their fluffy six-nippled underbelly being posted online…for free, that is,” Yao explained, while helping Powell Cat pose for more risqué photos to upload to the recently established sites OnlyFurs and Purrnhub. “Powell Cat is very proud of their full-fur figure and is entitled to control of when and where it is seen, and to compensation for said viewing.” At press time, Powell Cat was seen sensually pawing a yarn ball while Meea Yao filmed the interaction in slow motion from multiple angles.