Powell Bathrooms To Require Multifactor Authentication

WESTWOOD — In a press release late Thursday night, UCLA officials announced that mandated multifactor authentication would extend to the use of Powell Library bathrooms. “All I need to do is walk up to the stall and enter in my phone number when the built-in voice prompts me. Then, I take my phone out of my pocket, unlock it, and type in a short nine digit confirmation number. Once I receive the email confirmation, I’m ready to go!” said deputy director of student development Karen Hedges, who has also praised Powell’s placing urinals six inches apart as “a way to maximize intimacy between patrons” while they urinate. “The toilets have a lot of your DNA in them that a hacker could access. This is really about protecting you.” Reports confirmed that Hedges was last seen rushing to the computer lab, frantically trying to login to her email account after forgetting her phone at home.