Point: Wash Your Dishes / Counterpoint: I’m Letting Them Soak

Point: Wash Your Dishes

By Alex Haru, Kellen Loke, Drew Casebier

We’ve called this roommate meeting to discuss the issue of the dishes that have been in the sink for over forty-eight hours. We, as a group, feel that the time has come for you to wash your dishes and place them in the drying rack. We understand that you have been busy, both with sleeping and binge-drinking, but it has gotten to the point of no return.

When we all moved in together we established a guideline of cleanliness in the kitchen area, and we feel that you have violated this guideline by leaving your dirty dishes in the sink for such an extended period of time. We’ve discussed the issue together and we believe that it would only take a small portion of your precious television binging time. We’ve even agreed to put them away after they’re dry.

We hope that this has not caused tension within the apartment and that moving forward we can remain transparent in our issues and discuss them openly, and maturely. Thank you for your time and we hope you accept our request.

Counterpoint: I’m Letting Them Soak

By Max Carmona

I’m letting them soak.

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