Point: Therapy Has Been So Good For Me / Counterpoint: I’m In Love With My Therapist.

Point: Therapy Has Been So Good For Me.

By: Hannah Stein

So I finally made the leap and sought out a therapist for myself. They say that the first step is the hardest, and they’re completely right. Acknowledging that you could do with a little help, and that you deserve it, is an incredibly important realization.

I’m a happier person now. The future looks bright for the first time in so long and I can’t wait to see what life has to offer me. Seeking out a therapist might just be the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

Counterpoint: I’m In Love With My Therapist.

By: Hannah Stein

He knows me better than anyone else in the whole world. He takes the time to understand who I am, one hour every week, without fail, come rain or shine. And he doesn’t ever makes excuses like Ryan used to (how can anyone get tired of hearing someone talk? You just have to sit there, Ryan).

Call me delusional–I’m working on ignoring what other people think of me and this would be good practice–but I think he loves me too. Dr. Schillinger, I know that I have a lot of growing to do, but we can grow together. Anna and the baby seem nice but trust me when I say that we are meant to be. Does she love you like I do? Does she talk to you as freely as I do? Does she believe that you can give her the warmth and happiness her parents never did?

If you believe in our love, Dr. Schillinger, meet me tomorrow at 5:30 pm once Anna’s left for her hot yoga and the baby’s at the daycare three blocks away from your house. I’ll wait for you at our spot (remember when I ran into you by accident at Ralph’s and sobbed loudly when you asked me how I was?).