Point: I Miss The Outdoors / Counterpoint: You Can Still Go Outdoors.

P: I Miss The Outdoors.

By: Gregory Schneebles

This pandemic has been terrible. I dream of the day when I can once again go outside and feel the temperate but mischievous Santa Ana winds dance across my face while I frolic in the rolling green grass of the coastal meadows, plucking vermillion orange poppies and laughing along with the transient waves as they cheerfully crash over the ever-steady shore then quickly retreat back into their sea-stained slumber waiting to rise again once more. Staying inside has tossed my life asunder as I long to once again hear the alluring call of the California coastline and her inhabitants which once served as my steadfast companions during many a pensive seaside romp. I yearn to once again see a blade of grass, a solemn redwood, to hear the soft sweet coo coo coo of a mourning dove. Oh, how I miss the outdoors.

CP: You Can Still Go Outdoors.

By: Gregory’s roommate, Steve

You can still go outdoors. Nobody’s stopping you.

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