Playboy Donates Full Catalog To Trump Presidential Library

BEVERLY HILLS — In a press release sent out this morning, Playboy Enterprises announced that they would be donating their entire back catalog to the Trump Presidential Library, contingent on its eventual construction. “As an institution synonymous with the values expressed by the Trump administration, we are proud to be the first – and so far, only – publication to promise their magazines to his potential presidential library,” reads the statement, signed by Playboy CEO Ben Kohn (who, coincidentally, had been on the shortlist for Secretary of State in 2017). “We have spoken to the former president, who is enthusiastic about the prospect of our collaboration. As a show of gratitude, he is requesting duplicates of every issue for his own personal consumption.” Following the press release, reports emerged that Trump was also considering stocking his shelves with vintage copies of Der Stürmer and Highlights magazine.

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